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    • Stencils manufacturing

      We combine knowledge and experience to design and manufacture hardware and / or accessories for the use of Smd technology.

      Through laser and electromagnetic treatment, our people ensure accurate openness, ensure that proper storage is maintained inprinted circuits, eliminate tedious and expensive waste, and manufacture stainless steel in all forms, measures and technologies.

      With this service, you can provide operators and equipment manufacturers with the reliability needed to develop their own systems.


      Single and Doubled Sided Circuits

      1、The best technology in Simple Circuits and Duplexing for both the consumer and small to large companies (mass production) .Our boards, prototypes and production are electrically tested to ensure our quality standards “Zero Defect”.

      2、Crafted in a phenolic laminate FR4 epoxy-glass for more demanding performance Simplex Circuits are available in different finishes such as copper – flux (OSP), HASL (tin – Selective lead), contact graphite, Nickel – Gold. also, according to customer requirements, we can manufacture single printed and double face with thick copper from 2 oz (70 microns) to 5 Oz (175 microns) for high current applications such as those used in home appliances, automotive or various medical specialties.

      3、Double Face offer different thicknesses of laminate FR4: 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.4 / 3.2 mm antisoldante .el mask color varies user criteria. The range of colors available are white,green,red, yellow, black or blue.

    • Metal Core Circuits

      1、Through the introduction of aluminum-based printing lines in the domestic market, it is placed in the forefront of the electronic industry.

      2、This material is the perfect basis for eliminating heat and is a key factor taken into account in the current lighting design, (Leds).

      3、In addition to avoiding thermal problems, this technique is safe, lasting, heavy and suitable for any purpose.


      Multilayer Circuits

      1、The main benefits of a wide range of printed circuits, including telecommunications, electronic consumer electronics, medicine and aviation, are that appropriate pipes can be selected for complex design and / or electronic circuits, noise-sensitive electronic circuits, and high-speed electronic devices.

      2、We provide more than six floors of circuits filled with 4,000 pieces, in addition, our technology includes the use of blind roads (railways) and hidden passageways (railways) from the sixth floor, thereby reducing the path of each line and increasing the density of components divided by the surface.

      3、MANKUN also provides specialized technical assistance services to enable enterprises to acquire and incorporate technology into their products within the ideal time to avoid too many revisions.

    • Rohs Standard LEAD-free plates

      1、Since 2006, the EU restricts the use of hazardous substances in electronic products. Mankun adapts to comply with this standard, ensuring clean and high quality Printed Circuit.

      2、In order to facilitate the entry of locally made products in foreign markets, we offer national equipment manufacturers of lead free PCBs and bromides.

      3、To this end, we used gold coatings and organic preservatives that do not affect the level of product costs.In addition, our production is tailored to the needs of our customers. We carry PCBs in small and medium series, with highly competitive prices.




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